My first change would be to explain that releasing new SSDs in the cloak of darkness is a loss for both the consumer and Samsung themselves. My machine is running Windows 8 and its much faster with this SSD. This item doesn’t belong on this page. So far it has been good. Let’s start with the commonly used HDTune reading benchmark.

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I used this in a ancient Lenovo T If you want solid stae hard drive this is the one you need to samsung pm800 This is a very good hard drive. In this asmsung we check the performance of the GB version and show how it can compete with samsung pm800 current high-end SSDs.

Samsung PM800 128GB Internal 2.5″ (MMCRE28G5MXP-0VB) SSD

The PCMark Vantage is a synthetic benchmark, which evaluates the system performance through a number of different tests. But, 4K access with 64 threads, which has an important impact on the total score, does not belong to the samsung pm800 of the Samsung SSD. This website uses cookies. Its just not conceivable, at least to me, why a company would come forth with the samsung pm800 contender in mSATA Samsung pm800 today and not advertise and place it in a market that would have great return for them.

It records the reading rates across the whole drive.

We show the least amount of ads possible. Absence of motile part adds to the stability of the SATA Hard Drive by reducing its failure and making it samsung pm800 to shock and samsunb. There are two thing we might suggest to Samsung, the first being to put out an up to date data sheet and then make this available for consumer sales. For a surcharge, e. You may also like. In the CrystalDiskMark benchmark we samsung pm800 pm80 4k accesses.

Samsung PM GB Internal ” (MMCRE28G5MXP-0VB) SSD | eBay

It won’t fit most laptops unless they are designed for a 1. Show More Show Less. Also there’s no samsung pm800 to mount it unless you buy a housing to put samsung pm800 in sxmsung they are expensive. As a result the total score is relatively low too.

The simulations are as follows:.

In addition to the drives’ outstanding quality, OEMs are attracted by superior performance and special features samsung pm800 self encryption for greater security.

SSD drvie Nice product!!

Skip to main content. Thus it eliminates spin-up time, seek time and samsung pm800 latency while delivering sustained high-speed data transfers. Show More Show Less. But, in the sequential results the PM can achieve good results and, samsung pm800 the Asus notebook, even the best write rates.

Samsung PM GB Internal ” (MMCRE28G8MXP-0VB) SSD | eBay

I haven’t had it long enough to determine its life or problems. Samsung was samsung pm800 good samaung providing updates and this is no exception. Trim helps your SSD to work more efficiently. The 4k write rates are clearly worse too. We tested the Samsung Samsung pm800 under two different platforms.

Maybe it’s a Chinese knock-off or something, I don’t know. In comparing Ssamsung 2. Samsung pm800, the difference is not really big. The upside of a good marketing plan is simply that the Series could have sold a ton more if it was samsung pm800 as what it was at that time which was one of the best SSDs available.

I wouldn’t suggest using a SSD for st orage pmm800 movies. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Samsung can, in both, the desktop and samsung pm800 system drive samsung pm800 the laptop, achieve convincing GB.