What is a module? Can IGBT modules be used in parallel? Case temperature” section in the data sheet. It represents an external resistance. There are two types of snubber circuits. Is the temperature T j represented by the NTC temperature?

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The maximum allowable temperature for a chip during short-term overload or abnormal operation is specified in T j max. The maximum allowable temperature for the chip during conventional continuous operation is specified in T j op. How can we reduce radiation noise? Does Q G show temperature dependence?

Please fill the groove with highly thermally conductive paste to secure the thermocouple and attain even thermal diffusion. It includes evaluation items such as electromagnetic waves, static electricity, and lightning surge.

Have Fuji semiconductor parts an UL certification? An optimum outline drawing for each module is also available.

Junction temperature is the temperature at joints on a semiconductor chip. NTC N egative T emperature C oefficient Thermistor is an electronic component whose resistance decreases while the temperature increases.

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For details, refer to Application Manual Chapters What is an insulated substrate? What is the temperature difference between T j and NTC temperature? It will cause a separation of aluminum wire, or a crack in the solder under the chip.


What types of snubber circuit are available? Click “”Calculate”” 5 The calculation result will be displayed For details, refer fkji the user manual.

What does it mean? Thermal grease can be applied using either a roller or stencil mask. It is divided into two groups: We do not sell presses or tools.

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A smaller gate resistance R G may cause a sudden surge voltage. Please comprehensively determine an appropriate value that corresponds to the target figure of your actual design. It is effective when achieving a lower T j max. Email Subscribe to Mailing List. The second type is called individual snubber ciruit and is connected to each IGBT. How do I handle a terminal when IPM’s brake circuit is not used?

One way to determine the fyji of the dead-time setting is to verify the current on the direct current power line during non-loading time. How do I select a module by the rated parameters? For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter 5. What are the recommended thermal conductivity and thickness for thermal grease?


It provides precautions regarding the photo-coupler’s noise capability, wiring between the drive circuit and IGBT, and gate overvoltage protection. PIM is a product that integrates a 3-phase converter circuit, brake circuit, and 3-phase inverter circuit into a single module.

IGBT Modules

Applying too much grease will obstruct the heat radiation to fins. For details, refer to Application Manual Chapter The parameter for thermal resistance given in the specification is described as per 1 device. No, prior to using an IGBT module, please apply thermal grease compound on the surface of a heat sink and module before layering.

We provide a free software to calculate IGBT’s temperature at 2-level inverter, 3-level inverter, and chopper circuits.