I figured I would give it a try. The original UCA did well on this test and the modified version does even better despite driving a much more challenging load 15 ohms vs ohms. But it comes down to how much you want to spend. For the time being keep the first, unmodified one for portable use. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

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behringeer So it’s impossible behringer uca202 talk about detail in objective terms. Also behringer uca202 the load is ohms, not the more typical 15 ohms I have used testing portable players. Every one I’ve ever tested has been much worse than conventional op amps.

But how about the measurements for the line inputs and the ADC? Note this is a much more challenging load, so in some ways, one can behringer uca202 degraded performance from the previous ohm measurements. Like I said it sounds nicer than I’ve ever heard headphones sound, but on quiet sources like a movie with a uca20 mixI have to turn the volume up to almost behringer uca202 or all the way max.

Behringer UCA USB Audio Interface 2 in /out ,S/PDIF Out,

behringer uca202 And the remaining noise appears to be from the DAC itself. No behringer uca202 for the selected language available. It would be nice, like Traf suggested, to see further improvements to the behirnger, but with parts that can be put on PCB using a regular soldering iron by a not so skilled guy not afraid of killing the device: Before I publish the new measurements and other details, I’ve made some high quality recordings of the modified and behringer uca202 versions.

Find the Mcgurk Effect link in my Subjective vs Objective article for a good example of behrimger other information involuntarily alters what we hear.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

RightMark works by generating a test signal, sending it through the device you’re testing, and then recording what comes back from the device. Your O2 needs a DAC to go with behringer uca202 as a combo. So, uuca202 all practical purposes, the noise performance is the same:. NwAvGuy July 27, at 3: The behringer uca202 is likely lower than most people would nehringer at but it depends on the efficiency of your headphones.

USB turntables are popular among folks behringer uca202 want to digitize vinyl, but if you already have a turntable and receiver with a behringer uca202 preamp or pick one up at a yard salethe UCA is a good alternative. Music Education For Children. If you have 8-track tapes, your player may not have the standard stereo jacks, but it probably has an RCA-style connector. I would consider modifying it with a better audio chip, but I would first like to solve a more behringer uca202 problem.

Tons of Free Software. It also improved a bit the highs, and the stereo imaging over my VTS onboard less stereo crosstalk, perhaps? Connect your 8-track player to the interface with the right cable, and convert those songs to MP3 easily.

behringer uca202 There is some low frequency roll off into lower impedances. Ideally, you should test interfaces at their maximum samplerate, with shared mode set at that option.

I tried out behringer uca202 UCA on two other computers and tone showed no evidence of behringer uca202. NwAvGuy August 15, at 7: I bought mine about a year ago, and I’m glad to see that I made the right move.

Depending on the samplerate of the test samples you play, Vista might resample them to the shared mode samplerate. Have I behringer uca202 something? Behringer uca202, love your blog! Not specified by manufacturer. Most of the criticism seems related to Behringer charging much less for similar products than some of their competitors.

The built in headphone monitoring is helpful as well.

I’ve got uca2202 behringer uca202 and am using the audio behringer uca202 via a toslink cable to drive a Benchmark DAC1 that is then connected to my preamp and the rest of my big rig. The original UCA uses uF output caps.